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The Art of Manageable Marketing
Saturday - 9:15 am

I’m So Tired: Motherhood, Work, and the Balance In Between
Saturday - 10:45 am



Hey there! I am Abbey! I love Disneyland, Jcrew, donuts, Netflix marathons, lipgloss, kissing my baby, sleeping in on Saturdays and spending as much time as possible in the backyard with my family! As a busy mom to three crazy little ones, I spend a good chunk of my days playing legos and princesses, building my business, and hauling kids from one sport to the next.

Along with being a busy mom, I am also the owner of AK Studio & Design and the founder of The AKademy online education platform. I never planned to be a wedding photographer. In fact, it wouldn’t have even been on my top ten list of possible career options. But I am so lucky that wedding photography found me. It has opened doors, created relationships, and taken me places I never thought it would. Throughout that journey, I have also discovered that my true talents lie in the business aspect of our industry. I love the art, but I was born to do the business. In an industry where so many struggle on the business end of things, I love that I am now able to bring vision and structure to other creatives and give them the tools and strategies that they need to execute their businesses successfully. 

I truly believe that life is all about spending time with the ones you love and making the time you spend away from those people count for something important. Throughout my career, I have been down just about every road, and made just about every mistake…but luckily I’ve also had some pretty important moments of triumphant success that have given me the tools and ability to create a business that I totally love!

Because I have been in business for over a decade, I have been able to experience so many joys and moments of excitement in my business. For me right now, my biggest joys lie in two areas. Watching my associates book weddings, be successful, and better themselves and watch my students find success in their own businesses and families. Its kind of like motherhood, the pride you feel in yourself is nothing compared to the pride you feel when you others achieve amazing things.

The power of being in two places at once. Then I could be shooting weddings with brides that I love and still sitting on the ball field watching my kids. Never having to choose or balance schedules would be amazing.