Wedding Shoot

I have always loved photography. In college I was working toward a degree in speech pathology because I thought that photography wasn't a good enough professional career or that I couldn't provide for a family with it. When I got married after seeing our photographer it made me realize that photography was really where my heart was. And now I am completely providing for my family while my husband is a stay at home dad for a while, and it has been awesome!! My only regret was not pursuing it sooner!
 So I followed my wedding photographer for a summer assisting her and then I have been doing it ever since.

I am passionate about helping people see themselves as beautiful and capturing the joy that they have at that time in their life. In life I am passionate about my family and helping my daughters feel important, beautiful and talented. I want every girl that gets in front of my camera to see herself as beautiful and important when she looks at her images from the session. I feel like light can add so much to the emotion and feel of images, so I always strive to capture the beauty in people with golden sun flare wrapping around them in the image. To me that speaks to me so much more then even light, even though it is pretty too. 

I love spending time with my husband the most, watching out favorite shows, traveling, and planning our future together. The whole reason I have grown my business to where it is now is so that I can help give my family experiences together.

Unlimited energy! Maybe that's boring but I always feel the need to constantly be busy! My husband always teases me that I can't sit still or that I have busy fingers. I always feel like I have to be doing something. So I would love to have the energy to keep up with everything I want to.