Megan Hess | Photo Native Student Review


Q: How have you grown as an artist since attending Photo Native?

The way that I view myself as an artist and business owner has grown immensely. My worth and purpose is more than what it used to be. It was like I was thirsty and didn't realize how thirsty I was until I attended PN2017. During those few days, I drank...and drank... and drank. I was so drunk with power and self worth! I left feeling like I could conquer anything. I had my most successful year following Photo Native. I give most of the credit to the ah-mazing classes/instructors but, I'll also give myself a bunch of credit too. I wrote down everything and then went home and DID something about it. I implemented the changes I learned about!

Q: What business skills have you implemented since attending Photo Native?

My financial world has flipped upside-down (for the good!) I actually kept track of all my spending, earnings and taxes this year! I'm so much more organized and feel empowered with the knowledge I learned in the financial area. Also, I really took to heart something that Ben Sasso said. He mentioned to only show what I want to shoot. I immediately went through my instagram and website photos. I took down everything that didn't excite me. Now I'm shooting more couples and families that fit the style I love most. I think this is mainly because I only show what I want to shoot most!

Q: You mentioned you LOVED the community and friends you made here, can you expand on that?

I signed up to room in a hotel with 3 other women. I had never met them before but I shared a bed and ate breakfast with my new fast-friends. Our passion for what we do immediately bonded us. We had similar experiences and could laugh and cry about it all. Making friends within classes was so easy. It was like kids on the playground and we all wanted to play the same game of tag and no one was left out. I still closely follow on Instagram most of the friends I made. Some of them may be my competition but, that doesn't matter. I want them to succeed and I root for them! I loved meeting the faces behind the camera!

Q: What is your #1 takeaway from Photo Native?

Ooooh, that is such a hard question! I filled a notebook during Photo Native so, choosing ONE takeaway is torture! I'd say my #1 takeaway was shoot what I love. Don't just take pictures because someone is paying you to. Finding what I loved most was such an adventure. I realized that I was just working to work. After making big changes to my brand & what I photograph, I love every single second that I'm out shooting. Photo Native was an inspiration and brought fresh cold water to my drought! 

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