Posy Quarterman | Photo Native Photoshoot


Sponsored by: Artifact Uprising

My goal for this class was to show the attendees all that I put into a family session leading up to the actual event, in order to create a comfortable relaxed environment for the children and parents’ personalities to shine. We met in the living room of our model family’s home, and talked about my workflow practices, philosophies, and approach with clients. I worked with the model family to prepare them for their shoot  just as I would any family who hired me - sending them my new client documents (a session prep guide and questionnaire), and consulting with them about outfits and details of the session prior to our arrival. I wanted for their session to be as “normal” as one could be with that many photographer’s pointing their cameras at them.

The majority of the session took place in their home, but I couldn’t resist getting them out into all that Utah snow! It also gave us an excuse for an apparel change, which I find is a great way to diversify your images when shooting in a confined space for a stretch.

The family could not have been a more gracious or easy-going; I’m incredibly grateful to Sam (Kelly) for finding me such a great family to work with. I’m sure you can tell by the photos, but you would never have known there were 10 photographers at their session. Their impeccable style, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the light coming in reflecting off the snow didn’t hurt either.

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