Rachel Solomon | Photo Native Photoshoot

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Influenced by the natural patina of antique silver, this indoor wedding design was curated using elements that manifest the organic beauty that special objects develop over time. As metals age, they take on an iridescent quality with tones of sepia, purple and subtle teal. This palette was reflected in the deep pigments of the flowers. Tender spring blooms like hellebore, tinted ranunculus and sweet pea, and fragrant lilac were paired with sculptural branches and rugged juniper.Bathed in subdued window light, we kept the design elements surrounding our real couple few and significant, allowing their love and natural chemistry to shine through. The bride was draped in a billowing silk shift, adorned simply with a striking brown diamond ring. Together, they nestled comfortably into a natural nook, created with clusters of juniper and foraged bits. Heirloom elements, including classical wax seals on handmade paper, spools of softest silk, a homemade pavlova wedding cake and an antique wedding crown of tiny waxed flowers, further communicated the depth of their commitment.

As a film photographer, I had many students in my class that were new to film.  It was important to me to teach my students not only how to translate styled shoot ideas from a controlled environment into a real wedding day, but also to help those interested in film to learn more.  The FIND Lab sponsored my shoot and even brought cameras, film, and provided a discount to students, some who shot their very first roll of film during my shoot!  I was so fulfilling to hear the students during their "aha" moments and learn something new they could take home with them to apply in their business.

Planning, Styling and Flowers: Amber Reverie / Studio: The Loft Studio / Gown: Alex and Ragrecco / Silk Ribbons: Frou Frou Chic / HMUA: Hair and Makeup by Steph / Cake: Pippa Cakery / Calligraphy and Invitations: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy / Ring: Taylor Custom Rings

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