Samantha Kelly | Photo Native Photoshoot


I'll never forget this Native Shoot experience. Yes, we had 10 incredibly talented photographers all together shooting film. Yes, we had the opportunity to talk about photographing families on film and learn from one another. And yes, we all got some wonderful images. 

But, more than any of that, it was the family- this family- that impressed me the very most. In their TINY, love-packed home, there was such a sense of contentment and peace from the outside world that we could all immediately feel as we walked inside. Like shelter from the cold, cold January weather outside, this home was a literal haven, a safe and secure little space for this family to grow, learn, play, and love in. 

Beauty mama, Cate, even told me how a few years previously, they had lived in a much, much larger home elsewhere. But now, with far less square feet and far less possessions than they had before, they are infinitely more happy. "Just what our family needed," she told me. 

Less is truly more. 

- Samantha Kelly, Photo Native Shoot Instructor
Family: Cate

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