Valory Jean | Photo Native Student Review


Q: How have you grown as an artist since attending Photo Native?

After both Photo Native conferences I attended I felt rejuvenated as an artist and wrote down so many things that I wanted to try. I tend to stay in my comfort zone, and after the conferences I felt the desire to get out of that zone a little bit and do new things that I had never tried before. I never wavered from my style, but instead tried to do things that went along with it, and played around with different photo techniques. 

Q: What business skills have you implemented since attending Photo Native?

As far as the business side of things, I have made more of an effort to be present on social media. It's not something I am perfect at, by any means, but I'm trying to be smarter about posting and doing it in a way that I find my perfect clients. This year has been such a great year for that. I feel like I have so many family and wedding clients that I just click with and am so grateful that they found me. 

Q: You mentioned you LOVED the community and friends you made here, can you expand on that? 

I absolutely love the photography community and what Photo Native stands for. They are so inclusive to any artist and at every level. I've made friends from attending the conference that I don't think I would have otherwise, and I've reconnected with other friends that I don't get to see very often. 

Q: What is your #1 takeaway from Photo Native?

 I feel like my #1 takeaway from Photo Native is to be me. To be the best me that I can for my clients, for my family, and for myself. 

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