A Day In the Life : An In home Lifestyle Family photo Session

A Day In the Life :

An In home Lifestyle Family Photo Session

With Clare Barker Wells

It’s no secret that in-home family sessions are all the rage, and with good reason! Where else can you truly be comfortable and at-home than in your own home? But, in-home sessions can be tricky to photograph! Family photographer Clare Barker Wells specializes in in-home family sessions and not only can she photograph a family in their home like a boss, she can also teach other photographers how to do the same.

In this shoot, Clare shared exactly how she creates magic as she works with families in her Life Styled sessions. How she directs, leads, and sometimes gently guides the family into the stunning, honest, and authentic-looking moments that every client wants on their walls. Clare also shared with the attendees how she prepares both herself and your clients for a session, how to coach families into beautiful moments that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and how to create flattering, emotion-filled shots every single time. 

Just wait until you see the ones she took through the windows! So creative!

“ Clare was great, made me feel welcome, and had clearly prepared a professional presentation with easy takeaways, which is exactly what I would expect so I really appreciate she actually did that! She was friendly, answered questions honestly and gave good direction. Very impressed!” - PN2019 Attendee Jodie Miears

“Clare was an amazing instructor and she really took the time to prepare for her class. It was well structured and had plenty of examples and information. She was an open book! Answered questions and gave tips that were mind blowing. The two model families were great and we got to see how Clare interacts with them while also being able to photograph. The location was also excellent. Clare is definitely a keeper! Couldn't have asked for anything better.” - PN 2019 Attendee Karolyna de Souza Junqueira

And best news ever!

Clare Barker Wells will be joining us AGAIN at Photo Native 2020 next February 17-19 in seaside Santa Barbara, California. Join us and Clare Barker Wells next February and leave with an entire toolbox bursting with concrete and practical takeaways and skills to implement into your own work and process. Tickets go on sale July 1!

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