Intentional Commercial Filmmaking with Emily Mitchell

Intentional Commercial Filmmaking

With Emily Mitchell

from Every Day Film School

It’s no secret that video is becoming increasingly popular to help tell the story and share the vision of commercial clients, and this video by Emily Mitchell showcasing the Ira Loves Mae spring clothing line is the perfect example of lifestyle meets commercial. During her Native Shoot at Photo Native, Emily Mitchell, founder of Every Day Film School, created a film that revolves around three main elements: a young family, fun and playful interactions, and a setting that is curated and styled to complement the clothing and overall aesthetic.

With a documentary style approach and some open-ended direction, the outcome resembles a relaxed catalog shoot with heartfelt emotion. And that setting? It’s the perfect amount of modern meets classic, complimenting the wardrobe perfectly. 

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“I was really blown away with Photo Native, I didn't know what I was expecting but man, one of the best investments I’ve made, if not the best. I loved that we really got to make friends and had to opportunity to mingle over meals. But my favorite thing about Photo Native was that there were so many varieties of photographers, that they weren’t all similar style. I think it was my favorite because you truly get to admire their art and creativity for what they are and got see and feel their passion and how they got to where they are. ” - Millie O.

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