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Photo Native 2019 Lineup Announced

The Photo Native 2019 lineup is full of so much heart, wisdom, talent, fun and we can hardly believe it's real. But it is, and we can't wait for you to join us in Palm Springs this coming February 11-13 for the most epic Photo Native yet.

With classes ranging from food styling for wedding photographers, to videography for photographers as well as other solid business, creative, and technical classes we are confident you are going to love, we can honestly say this might be the best money you could spend on your business and personal development.

We will also be opening up registration this fall to the exclusive Native Shoots and Business Boosts for Class Pass holders only. So not only will you have access to two full days of incredible learning, you can also customize and enhance your experience further to fill your individual needs. 

Head over to the Instructors page to learn more about the incredible talent we have on board, and then jump to the Classes page to see what they'll be teaching.

We promise it's an experience you won't want to miss. Join us, you belong.

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Here at Photo Native, we’re more than just a super fun photography conference with high quality education to help take your art and business to the next level. We’re a community of diverse individuals who physically come together once a year to not only learn and grow but to create a welcoming, soft, and whole-hearted place of belonging. Photo Native has been and always will be about people - about YOU.

We believe that one of the most important pillars of a strong and effective community is service and that when we reach outside of ourselves to help and lift those around us, we are all strengthened in the process. This community - YOU GUYS - are so incredible, so giving and that’s why we are beyond stoked to team up with all of you as we band together to intentionally serve and give back.

“Photo Native Made Me Do It” is a 14-day challenge aimed at spreading generosity and heart to those around you. The challenge is comprised of two weeks worth of service-focused prompts with most being super simple and designed to fit into your everyday life. The experience culminates in one final challenge to donate the funds from one of your sessions to Kiva via our Venmo account. The money will go specifically to underprivileged women starting a business, going to school, leading their communities, and building strong families. Photo Native will be matching donations totaling up to $2000 and all money raised will be given to Kiva on May 1st.

As you participate in the 2-week challenge, we, of course, want to be able to follow along and see all the good and love you’re spreading in the world! Every time you post about this initiative on social media, be sure to use hashtag #photonativemademedoit so we can cheer you on and leave you some love!

“Photo Native Made Me Do It” officially starts on Monday, March 19th and ends on Sunday, April 1st. Donations to Kiva may be made to our (Samantha Kelly's) Venmo account (@Samantha-C-Kelly) at any time from March 19th-April 31. We will announce the grand total of all money raised on May 1st. During the challenge, we will be posting daily reminders on our Instagram and in our Facebook group, so join and follow along!! 

Photo Native 2019 Registration Opens TOMORROW!!

Registration for Photo Native opens up ONE WEEK from today!! I know, we can't believe it either. Basically, we're really excited about Photo Native in Palm Springs - and it seems like we're not the only ones. So we figured, why wait?! 

Class Pass ($550): From March 1st-June 30th, the Class Pass will be offered at an Early Bird price of $550 (normally $750). The Class Pass give you access to the 2019 Photo Native conference, which includes the opening Native Social on February 11th, all classes on February 12th & 13th, as well as the Photo Native party.

Class Pass - 50% Deposit ($275): Same as the Class Pass, but pay only half now (checking accounts rejoice!) and the rest later! Offered for $275 for a limited time and we'll invoice you the remaining $275 in December. 

Native Shoots, Native Dinners, and other add ons: These will be available add on to your PN experience this fall. That way we can have times, locations, and styling details nailed down before you buy. 

If you've been searching for a place and community where you can be your own super cool/pretty dang un-hip/somewhere-in-between self, learn from people who are as inspiring and experienced as they are kind, and party with your fellow photo nerds–old and new–Photo Native just may be exactly what your soul needs. Come hang with us for three killer days full of learning, growth, and dance party fun times. 

But you don't have to take our word for it! This is what some awesome people who attended Photo Native in January had to say ...

"Photo Native filled a hole in me I didn't realize was so big. This conference woke me up. It made me SEE me better. See my path better. See my goals better. I feel like I've been really shown how to start living with more of a purpose. I'm so thankful!" 

- Jennifer Flemings

"Photo Native is THE best conference I've attended. There are so many like-minded and creative colleagues who attend and I felt like I walked away with something valuable after every session. The instructors are super accessible and the whole thing feels more like a reunion gathering than a conference."

- Sarah Yeoman

"I am so, so grateful for Photo Native. I've learned so much about about myself, my work and my business. I went into Photo Native feeling unsure of what to expect this year, but came out so grateful for all of the things that I learned. I truly feel like I belong when I'm at Photo Native."
- Sadie Banks

"When I finally decided to attend Photo Native, I was so horribly nervous. I have a hard time connecting with people and being outgoing so it was a huge leap of faith for me. I am proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone and I was rewarded so greatly by so many instructors who shared their stories, failures and successes. I felt my heart bursting at so many moments. I came away with a mind and book full of knowledge and encouragement that will help me with my journey of finding out who I am and what I want my business to be. I think I will have to attend EVERY year. I feel a little bit addicted ..."

- Trishelle  Haight

"I literally had to hold back tears about 75% of the time, from how moved I was over the vulnerability of the speakers, their passion for their art and to make a lasting difference in our lives, the genuine support for us and our dreams, struggles and goals. I truly felt like I belonged." 

- Misty Carone

"I left Photo Native 2018 with renewed inspiration for my work and concrete steps to move my business forward in a focused way! I really loved the group classes, the hands-on shoots, and how approachable and giving the instructors were. It's the kind of conference that fosters real connections." 

- Rebecca Denton

"Photo Native is the annual boost I need to keep me creatively inspired and emotionally recharged. I know of no other conference where everyone comes in on the same playing field—ready to learn and grow and excited to meet and feed off of other artists, regardless of skill level. My experiences at Photo Native have left me feeling more confident in my ability to grow and become who I dream of becoming."
- Hydee Davis

So set your alarms for March 1st because there's limited space at PN2019 and we can't wait for you to be in Palm Springs with us. You belong! 📷: Heather Nan