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Jean Smith | Photo Native Photoshoot

We can't get enough of the images by Jean Smith from her Native Shoot at the 2018 Photo Native conference.

"As photographers, sometimes we rely on cool locations or amazing styling to carry our photos. But what about the love? What if we strip away the fluff and focus only on human love and interaction? That's exactly what we did for our shoot in the cutest little house in Provo, Utah. We discussed how important it is for the photographer to connect to the couple before, during, and after the shoot. Beyond that, we talked about methods for the photographer to provide direction to the couple and create am environment that the couple can interact naturally and emotionally with each other. Shooting in a home allowed us to get creative with low lighting, directional lighting, and using small spaces to create stunning imagery." Jean Smith

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Here at Photo Native, we’re more than just a super fun photography conference with high quality education to help take your art and business to the next level. We’re a community of diverse individuals who physically come together once a year to not only learn and grow but to create a welcoming, soft, and whole-hearted place of belonging. Photo Native has been and always will be about people - about YOU.

We believe that one of the most important pillars of a strong and effective community is service and that when we reach outside of ourselves to help and lift those around us, we are all strengthened in the process. This community - YOU GUYS - are so incredible, so giving and that’s why we are beyond stoked to team up with all of you as we band together to intentionally serve and give back.

“Photo Native Made Me Do It” is a 14-day challenge aimed at spreading generosity and heart to those around you. The challenge is comprised of two weeks worth of service-focused prompts with most being super simple and designed to fit into your everyday life. The experience culminates in one final challenge to donate the funds from one of your sessions to Kiva via our Venmo account. The money will go specifically to underprivileged women starting a business, going to school, leading their communities, and building strong families. Photo Native will be matching donations totaling up to $2000 and all money raised will be given to Kiva on May 1st.

As you participate in the 2-week challenge, we, of course, want to be able to follow along and see all the good and love you’re spreading in the world! Every time you post about this initiative on social media, be sure to use hashtag #photonativemademedoit so we can cheer you on and leave you some love!

“Photo Native Made Me Do It” officially starts on Monday, March 19th and ends on Sunday, April 1st. Donations to Kiva may be made to our (Samantha Kelly's) Venmo account (@Samantha-C-Kelly) at any time from March 19th-April 31. We will announce the grand total of all money raised on May 1st. During the challenge, we will be posting daily reminders on our Instagram and in our Facebook group, so join and follow along!! 

Samantha Kelly | Photo Native Photoshoot

I'll never forget this Native Shoot experience. Yes, we had 10 incredibly talented photographers all together shooting film. Yes, we had the opportunity to talk about photographing families on film and learn from one another. And yes, we all got some wonderful images. 

But, more than any of that, it was the family- this family- that impressed me the very most. In their TINY, love-packed home, there was such a sense of contentment and peace from the outside world that we could all immediately feel as we walked inside. Like shelter from the cold, cold January weather outside, this home was a literal haven, a safe and secure little space for this family to grow, learn, play, and love in. 

Beauty mama, Cate, even told me how a few years previously, they had lived in a much, much larger home elsewhere. But now, with far less square feet and far less possessions than they had before, they are infinitely more happy. "Just what our family needed," she told me. 

Less is truly more. 

- Samantha Kelly, Photo Native Shoot Instructor
Family: Cate

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