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I’m So Tired: Motherhood, Work, and the Balance In Between
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Love of self expression + creativity (head-nod to 10 year old Brooke making books full of 348 made up colors) landed me into the photography world as an assistant for another photographer when I was 17. The snowball that started there rolls on in photographing families + helping other photographers make meaningful art + businesses that light a spark inside 'em. 

The five year plan is only to keep creating, in whatever form feels right. And that's the life plan, really. 

I'll never be able to go a day without hugging someone (the big, squeezy variety) and singing (holy moly in another life I'd be Aretha Franklin herself amen and amen). 

Yeah, my work's been featured in Vogue and Martha Stewart Weddings and blah, blah, but what I really care about is what I'm accomplishing in the name of love. In the hard, hard work of not only feeling love--anyone can do that--but choosing love, within the four walls of my family every day, silently, with no one else there to witness. Let me tell you, those battles and wins--those are my most excruciating and gloriously joyful experiences on this planet.