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Styled Wedding with Off-Camera Flash

11 years ago I worked a 9-5 and would sit at my desk distracted all day because I was looking at wedding photographers websites all day long. I wasn't on the market for one, I just could not pull myself away from the beauty and romance on the screen. I was obsessed! Then I would go home and listen to Oprah while she talked about following your passion. So I finally listened and followed mine.  Took a leap and haven't looked back. Thanks O! 
I truly love photography enough to do it every day for the rest of my life. In five years I see myself shooting warm locations in the winter months because I'm like an old person that needs to flock to Florida for the winter.  Shooting anniversary sessions for my past wedding clients as they grow old together, and getting coffee with them and my photography friends that I meet along the way. As cheesy as it sounds, making and maintaining those relationships is the most rewarding part of my job. I'll also have teenage daughters by then and expect that to be the greatest thing ever. They WILL love photography.  I can force that on them, right? 

Creating images that can hang as art in peoples home and bring them joy day after day.  There is a lot of sadness in this world, but walking past these photos each day is a reminder of the love and beauty in our lives.  The idea of my photos sitting on a hard drive and existing no where else makes me terribly sad.   I'm so passionate about helping my clients to get their favorite moments up on their wall in a beautiful and meaningful way that they can enjoy day in and day out, the way that I enjoy mine in my own home.  

The power to shoot money out of my hands.  Working on that super power currently. Also the power to help those around me see that they are beautiful and don't need to try to be like anyone else. Goodness I'm full of cheesy ones, but cheesy sounding or not, I really truly mean it. I also wish I could make people see that they have more power than they realize to change their current situation if they want to.

Walking my dog all over Sugarhouse.
Driving around and singing to very loud music.  It's sad for my friends that I love this so much because I am super tone deaf.
Cleaning my house alone while I dance inappropriately to, once again, insanely loud music.
With my daughters in the backyard finding bugs or snuggling.
At my computer planning vacations to warm places to escape Utah's winters. 
Dreaming up photo shoots or talking about photography, because photography is always running through my mind, whether I'm at work or not.
Taking a coffee break.
Sending people texts that I think are hilarious, that they usually think are not hilarious.  I make myself laugh most of the day.