2019 Classes

The learning opportunities at Photo Native are carefully curated to challenge your creativity, hone in on your technical skills, and expand your business/marketing methods all within one incredible conference experience. Make new friends, connect personally with your favorite instructors, and walk away with all the photo ninja skills you need to take over the world.


How to NOT be an Award Winning Photographer - Jen Huang

In our opening keynote, join Jen Huang on a journey through her bumpy start up to the discovery that becoming a photographer meant thinking outside the box and taking some harrowing leaps of faith. Sometimes the best decisions she made were the ones that were the most surprising. Learn which choices helped lift Jen above the competition of her portrait and wedding industry without sacrificing the heart and soul of her business. Jen will candidly instruct on her philosophy and process throughout her talk, and reveal what she considers the most valuable tool in her arsenal.


Authenticity: a Necessary Act of Self Care + Creative Confidence - Deun Ivory

In her keynote address, Deun Ivory will journey through her creative process as a portrait photographer and discuss the ways in which her creativity has been instrumental in exploring her identity as a black woman. Through visual storytelling and portraiture, she will explore the necessity of owning and documenting one’s truth and committing to a life of authenticity within our creative practices. Discover the beauty of alignment and the power of aesthetic through the transformative act of visual documentation. Through our willingness to honor who we are, we liberate and empower other creatives and communities to do the same. 


Photographing the Seasons of Motherhood  - Alexandria Smith

Mothers need photographs. It’s a necessary reminder of the seemingly insignificant moments that they live day in and day out- the subtle nuances and the big in-your-face moments- that all stack up to create a beautiful life of love and gratitude. Join Alex for a class all about working with mothers and children specifically to create stunning and compelling images that mothers will want to look back on again and again. You will learn all about Alex’s best secrets for organic posing that guides every session and helps put her subjects at ease. She’ll also share how to use your own personal journey and emotional connections to navigate photographing the story, emotion, and connection held between mothers and their children with both power and gentleness. 


Rooted in quiet air: A Guide to Documenting the Human Experience - Brooke Johnson

It can be suffocating, to take something that you are deeply passionate about and let the hustle take over. It is imperative we shift our perception of fulfillment and success. If we call ourselves creatives, don’t we need time to breathe, create, and exist? Are you arriving to a location and mapping out each and every shot? Or are you setting a vibe, mood and tone to let your subject nest into being human? Yes, there are poses and starts for every session but the age of checklists and styled shoots needs to disappear. In its place, leave concepts that are beautiful. We are complicated beings. Find inspiration in your human experience and seek out others’ stories. 

Let’s leave something soul staining behind. 

Become brutally soft.


Secret Food Styling Tricks Every Wedding Photographer Must Learn - Brooke Lark

Want your shots to truly stand out? Discover how 7 quick tricks from the world of food styling and food photography can elevate your wedding, lifestyle, and family shots, creating editorial-quality images that will set your work apart from the rest. 
Join professional food photographer, Brooke Lark for a live styling session, as she covers some of the best-kept secrets in the industry and lets you peek inside the mind and world of a foodtographer.


Chasing Your OWN Version of Success With Wild Abandon - Brooke Schultz

You wanna do something--whether it's starting a business, hiring help, even just wearing something a liiitlle crazy--and you immediately look for permission. Is this a good idea? You ask the universe, directly in the form of other people or indirectly in the form of scrolling the interwebs to see if it's been done. But when we look around at what other people are doing we're only recycling other people's versions of success, and so we constantly feel a little empty and a little unfulfilled, knowing we're meant for more but not sure how to grab onto our potential and create what we truly want to create in the world. 
Brooke’s class will deliver 4 keys to finding your version of success in your biz, art and life, how to do it sustainably, without burning out and all with a huge dollop of FUN while you're at it, baby!


Finding Your Creative Voice - Cathlin McCullough

Identifying your creative voice isn't always easy, and with a sea of photographers (and instructors) out there- many of whom fill your feed and your mind with images- how do you go inside yourself and listen to what's important? HOW do you do you?
In this class, you’ll learn how Cathlin nurtures and honors her own “creative contract” with herself, even as the surrounding noise grows louder, including exploring “the spark and the thread,” play, commitment and hard work, creative elements, bravery, inspirational tools, and creativity practice. Cathlin will also assign some pre-class work for everyone so you can come, ready to hit the ground running towards finally discovering your OWN creative voice and learning how to continually expand your creative reach. 


Life, Styled: Creating Magic at Family Shoots - Clare Barker Wells

In this class, you will learn the tricks and tips to make any client in any home look and feel beautiful, natural, joyful, and, most importantly, authentic- all while also filling your own creative bucket. Join Clare as she walks you through how she finds and uses inspiration as well as how she builds trust and connection quickly in her sessions, her secrets for getting the kids on board, and tons of tips for directing and posing families effectively and naturally. Discover how the smallest changes can take a shot from ordinary to stunning and how adding your own cohesive style to every session can get you the clients who want YOU and your creativity. This class is sure to be an invaluable resource for any family photographer! 


The Importance of Shooting for Yourself and Why Your Clients Will Thank You For It - Daniel Kim

What constitutes personal work? Are styled shoots personal work? Should you show personal work on social media? In this class, you will explore why you need to be making personal work that is intentionally difficult, both technically and personally- work that addresses your weaknesses, not your strengths- and why your clients will thank you for it. Discover how making work for yourself and being willing to present that work will help you let go of your ego while also being one of the best marketing tools for you and your business. 

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Video Skills and Emerging Opportunities for Photographers - Emily Mitchell

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use your DSLR to actually record video, this class is for you! Join Emily as she shows you everything you need to know to start creating beautiful films for both yourself and your clients. Even if you’ve never shot a video clip before, Emily will get you up and running with core techniques for stabilization, focus, and camera movements before you know it! She will also be including an editing tutorial video that all attendees (and Remote Class Pass attendees) will have access to as well! If all that weren’t amazing enough, you will also learn about the various emerging opportunities and trends within video and how adding videography services to your existing business can be very lucrative. This class is an incredible opportunity and gold mine for every photographer! 


5 Easy Ways to Optimize your Website to Attract and Book your Ideal Clients - Jacki Miller

We all know that in this market a well-designed website is must in order to find and book your ideal clients. But what makes a "well designed" website? What gets viewers intrigued, excited, and allows them to connect with you and your work after visiting your website? And most importantly, what gets your ideal clients clicking on your "contact me now" button over other competitors? 
Join Jacki and learn how to create an easier, more understandable site navigation, updating and displaying your imagery in a powerful and impactful way, creating a connection through your “About” page, using and displaying reviews to create trust and authority, and optimizing call to action buttons and imagery to guide viewers to specific areas of your site. With simple, but important changes, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful online home for your work that is more user-friendly and attracts your ideal clients.


Dealing with Anxiety and Creative Ruts + Giving Back - Jayme Ford

Anxiety, self-doubt, and lack of confidence are common problems in the photography industry. In this class, Jayme will share her own personal journey with anxiety. Learn effective tools for pushing anxiety and fear aside while building confidence. Jayme will also share how anxiety affects her career for both good and bad and the importance of community and finding ways to give back. Learn about the importance of volunteering your photography services, donating sessions for good causes, and why donating your talent is a win win. If you’ve ever struggled with overcoming crippling doubt and worry or are curious about how you began sharing your talent and services in meaningful and impactful ways that will make a difference, you won’t want to miss this class. 


In-Person Sales, How I do them and Why You Should Too - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has been doing In Person Sales (IPS) for more than 3 years and it has absolutely transformed her business, going from making $300-$500 per session, to averaging $2,500 and even up to $7,000 for a family session. In this class, you will learn Jen’s entire IPS process, from start to finish. She will also share what products and companies she uses, her pricing methods, and will help you find the ideal products for you and your clients. Discover how to overcome the “sales phobia” and learn how to provide a complete, full-service experience for your clients while growing your business and earning the money you and your work are worth. Finally, learn Jenn’s best tips and tricks for making IPS work for every session, even during your busiest seasons...all while keeping your sanity. If she can do it, so can you!


Pro in Post - Jessica Kettle

While we all know that a great image is born in camera, post-processing is where you really polish each piece of art you create. Your processing helps define a signature look for your brand and sets you apart from other photographers. It’s also a huge part of where digital shooters spend their time, so it’s important to be as artistic, consistent and efficient as possible. In this class, Jess will walk you through the 3 steps of her post-processing: basic workflow in ACR/LR, presets, and fine tune editing in Photoshop. In this class, Jess will also have attendees submit sample images in advance that she will then use to do live edits as well as some troubleshooting with tricky lighting, bad exposure, difficult skin tones, etc. If you’re feeling like your editing skills could use a bump or are even just curious about specifics like achieving true whites, consistently creamy skin tones, sharpening for print, skin retouching, cloning like a pro, or even the nit pickiest white balance trick ever, this class will be what post-processing dreams are made of!


Uplevel Your Client Experience - Samm Blake

Join Samm and learn all about the different ways you can up-level the experience you give your clients, get more returning business, increase your referral percentage, and grow your business effectively. From the initial inquiry to the final image delivery, discover how you can evaluate the quality of experience and services you’re currently providing your clients and then explore why offering your clients the best experience possible is so vital and how you can start implementing an improved and more beneficial experience from start to finish. 


Self Portraiture - The Art of Seeing Yourself - Sara Garcia

Self-portraiture can be a daunting undertaking but holds so much beautiful potential for yourself as an artist. Whether you’ve never taken a self-portrait, are just beginning to make self-portraits, or have been at it for a while, there is always something new to learn and see about yourself that could then be explored and translated into a compelling self-portrait image. In this class, you will learn the technical aspects of approaching self-portraiture as well as inspiration for creating a piece of art from the OTHER side of the lens. If you’re wanting to explore a self-portraiture personal project or simply wish to be able to get in the frame more with the people you love, this class will arm you will all the tools, tips, and tricks you’ll need to start creating unique and inspiring self-portrait images. 


Finding Your Light - Sydney Foster

In this class, Sydney will explore the concept of light as it relates to both the technical aspect of photography as well as “light” in terms of hope for ourselves as artists striving to overcome obstacles in our work and careers. Sydney will discuss how to use available light sources effectively as well as share her favorite go-to, simple lighting set-ups she uses in her work, especially when all else fails. She will also share some of the obstacles she’s encountered in her career and how she was able to overcome resistance and disappointment and find success. The work of putting your art and your soul out into the world can be hugely challenging and discouraging. If you’ve ever felt the darkness of discouragement or wondered if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for you, don’t miss this class. 


Shooting with Feeling - Wendy Laurel

Wendy is much more interested in the feeling she gets when she look at an image than making sure it’s technically perfect. Her aim with photography is to capture the emotion and feeling that she both sees and experiences at the time of the image. This class is really about letting go- about letting go of expectations and letting about of perfectionism. Learn how to press the shutter button when you feel it, even IF you are not in focus or perfectly composed. Discover how to use light, blur, and many other of her favorite techniques to capture more than a portrait or a candid moment, but how that moment actually FELT. See what can happen to your work when you give yourself permission to be more intuitive and free in your shooting. 


The 24-Carat Plan for your Brand - Erika Delgado
Business Boost add-on

This incredible Business Boost is a 4-Part System to identify your brand, dream clients, book them, and drive profits. 
Just 5 years ago, Erika was a self-described mediocre wedding photographer with no brand identity, longing to shoot gorgeous weddings, work with luxury wedding planners, and make more of a profit. With advice from successful business owners and getting to work, she figured out how to do just that and will be sharing her own, personal business blueprint, in this 4-hour intensive workshop, to catapult your brand. You will leave Erika’s Business Boost empowered and equipped to build the brand of your dreams, to work for the clients of your dreams, and make a living doing it! Start combatting your fears of not knowing how to genuinely sell yourself, dig deep, and take that leap toward everything you want for your business and your life. From brand identification and strategic portfolio building to creating an effective marketing plan and successful implementation and analysis, this Business Boost will give you tools, clarity, and a solid direction towards your own definition of photography business success.

What you’ll learn: 

1. WHO
a. An “ Ideal client profile” listing specific qualities and demographics such as age, style, geographic locations, passions, etc. 
b. A “Service profile” for these clients and discover what we want to provide them: packages, experience and products. 
c. A shiny and unique “About me” that you are confident in sharing

2. HOW
a. How to build a Portfolio + Brand that reflects the Style of couple and “Ideal Client Profile” that you want to attract. 
b. How to make a Target Action Plan that will catapult your Portfolio + Brand
c. Creating Your marketing plan – connecting, following up, leveraging your contact list and social platforms.

a. Your Photos / Product
b.The Experience you offer
c. Connecting with clients and wedding planners

a.Track and assess your process
b.Moving forward in your strategy + increase profits


From Portrait to Print: A Complete Process - Justin Hackworth
Creative Boost add-on

This Creative Boost is really three info-packed classes in one, combined together to give you a comprehensive, close-up look at improving your craft and your business. Justin will cover how to make authentic portraits, how to use Lightroom for editing and file management, and how to make fine art prints. These four hours will be packed with valuable, usable information you can begin implementing right away. Justin will walk you through his exact process. You’ll leave this class inspired, with a complete system from portrait session to finished print.

What you’ll learn: 

Justin will demonstrate his shooting process with both natural light and strobe and the reasons to choose one over the other. You’ll see how easy it is to add lights and how they can expand the range of what you can do as a photographer. Learn the two most important elements to every portrait and watch Justin’s approach to putting people at ease, ensuring you get fun, relaxed, natural and authentic portraits every time.

Lightroom isn’t just a way to edit your images, it’s also a powerful database. Even if you’re a film photographer, using Lightroom makes tons of sense. Learn a bulletproof system for cataloging your images, creating order for the thousands of images you make, and implementing backup systems that are easy and seamless. Additionally, Lightroom makes printing a snap.

Fine Art Printing
If you’ve ever wondered why creating your own prints makes sense, Justin has the answers. Printing your own images adds an additional revenue stream and also helps set you apart from other photographers. If you think your clients don’t want printed images and only want digital files, Justin will also teach you how to market this new, value-added product offering. 

Justin will show you his process for creating fine art, heirloom quality prints, including the printers he uses and recommends. He will also cover how to select a paper stock from the dizzying array of options.