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Unraveling Styled Photo Shoots: Practical Steps to Creating Beautiful Content and Elevating Your Business
Saturday - 3:00 pm

I’ve been photographing and documenting life since I took my first black and white film class in the 3rd grade. Even as a kid, I’ve always felt that time was such a fleeting ephemeral thing, and I’ve always been trying to document as much of it as possible. There’s a quote from Dorothea Lange that’s always resonated with me, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” I would just go around trying to photograph as much of my life and the lives of people around me, in an effort to try and hold those moments still in my hands and in my camera. I fell in love with all kinds of photography from nature to architectural to conceptual and photojournalism and street photography. I stumbled into assisting and second shooting for wedding photographers while I was an undergrad at USC and I fell in love with wedding photography. I launched my own business and studio once I graduated and moved up to the SF Bay Area.  

I’ve driven the circumference of the world 3 times over driving back and from Northern to Southern California during the 4 years my (now) husband and I were long distance dating. That’s a crazy amount of driving!

Teleportation powers! Having grown up in Los Angeles and now in the SF Bay Area, I feel like half my life has been spent in traffic. Can you imagine the kind of productivity you could have if you didn’t ever have to worry about your commute?? This is probably not the most “heroic” super power, so my other choice would be the power to give other people empathy, which could probably solve most of the world’s problems.

Political activism and using our voices for good. Aside from photography and my family life, it’s the other BIG thing that I dedicate my time and energy to. Whether this means attending town hall meetings, or reaching out to my local representatives or campaigning on behalf of different candidates, I truly believe that an engaged and informed citizenry is something worth fighting for. I’m a daughter of immigrants, a feminist, a mother to bi-racial children and these things are a huge part of my personal story and identity. I’m also a huge nerd for Hamilton, the musical. Which kinda marries my love of politics with music and broadway showtunes.