Photo Native 2019 / palm springs

You Belong

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Join us on February 11-13, 2019 for three days of learning, socializing and networking with some of the most inspiring people in the industry, as well as optional master-class-level shoots and business boosts designed to push and strengthen your creative and business skill set. At Photo Native, you'll learn how to up-level your business, be the creative powerhouse we know you are, and join an incredible community of artists for the inspiration and growth you're looking for. 

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you belong

Photo Native strives, above all, to value and honor the creative artist in you while also offering proven and effective tools for increasing the success of your business. We're here to arm you with the right tools to continue to thrive both creatively in your art as well as financially.

At Photo Native, we honor both sides.

what others are saying


I didn't realize how empty my creative tank was until going to Photo Native and it was then filled to the brim. I left feeling more inspired and enthusiastic about making art that matters than I have in a long time. This was my first time going and it surpassed every expectation. To find a culture of talented, generous, and accepting artists that are willing the leave their egos at the door is something very rare and special. I came to this conference by myself and was nervous about fitting in. But this weekend was one of the softest places I've been in a while, surrounded by artists who were open and raw about the beauty and complexity of being a working woman and a dreamer within.

Becca Summers


Photo Native was an experience I was not quite anticipating. I came away with a drive and purpose in something that wasn't what I expected. I knew it would be informational. I knew it would be social. I knew it would be structured and fun at the same time. What I did not know was that it would be soul stretching. Even as I sat through business driven and craft clarifying classes, I never would have thought something greater than "the right tools" and new friends would be my take away. I came back to my family with a completely different perspective and fire under my butt to be the very best me ALL THE TIME and not just for my clients or just when my family needed it. It has now been several days since the conference ended and bits and pieces I didn't think would "matter" are the bits and pieces that are stuck in my brain, helping me have happier, better, more present outlooks on my every day living. I am grateful for the passion within me and what Photo Native did to ignite it in ways that will really help me enjoy my craft and my life.

Kelsee Boyer


I don't know where to start. This conference filled a hole in me I didn't realize was so big. It helped me as a photographer, as a businesswoman, and even as a mom. This conference woke me up. It made me SEE me better. See my path better. See my goals better. I feel like I've been awakened and really shown how to start living with more of a purpose with my photography and even with my family. I could go on and on. But seriously. Thank you. This experience was much needed. I'm so thankful!

Jennifer Flemings

Ace Hotel / Palm Springs CA