The Art of Posing: From Simple to Stunning
Friday - 5:00 pm

I took a black and white film class in college and was immediately hooked on photography. After my son was born, my parents gave me their old Nikon D70 and I started shooting constantly. I initially just hoped to shoot my friend's kids and make an extra $50 here and there to shop at Baby Gap with. I never thought it would turn into a real career! Retrospectively, I realized that photography is the perfect marriage of the things in life I am truly passionate about. I've chased a million different dreams, but I can connect each of them back to these: connecting with people, creativity, and stories.

I love making people feel beautiful. I'm the type of person who likes to find beauty in the most ordinary things and I want my subjects to see themselves the way I see them- the best possible versions of themselves.  My hope is  that I'm able to create beautiful, honest images that a couple will cherish throughout their life together. I want my clients' grandchildren to look at their photos someday the way I look at photos of my grandmother when she was young; to really see them for who they were and what their love was like. So as much as I love all of the pretty styled elements of weddings (because, who doesnt?!) I really cherish the images that are timeless and genuine the very most.  

I want the ability to freeze time or go back in time. I'm incredibly sentimental and wish I could hold each of my babies as newborns again or freeze them as two year-olds forever! This may have something to do with my photography obsession...

Shoot extended family portraits or eat guinea pig. Both mistakes in my book.