Creative Conceptual Shoot

Travel led me to photography. I'd always been around it and had an appreciation for it, but never thought it was something I wanted to do with my life until I started traveling right out of high school. I was experiencing so many amazing personal accomplishments and making memories. I wanted to document the way I felt. 

I started with a  little point-and-shoot in 2007. The following year, I took a college course and learned black and white film. I bought a DSLR in 2008 and got my first paid wedding gigs in 2009. They were small weddings and I'm completely embarrassed of my work (as I think we all are our first year) but it was a start.

I am in a place in my life where I feel like I've been asking myself where I'll be in five years over and over with no resolution. Essentially when it comes down to it, I hope I am better. I hope I have changed, that my work has changed in a direction that I enjoy, and that I am still having fun with photography.

I have developed a split identity complex because of my nickname. Like most people, I have had a bunch of nicknames with different groups of people. I grew up being called “Shell” by my family (also, “Cliff”, but that’s a different story for another day),  then I was “Elle” for a brief time during awkward junior high years, then my high school friends started calling me “Miesh.” Using this nickname as my business name has been a strange transition. It has become such an identity for my business, that no one really knows whether to address me as Michelle or Miesh. I never know what to introduce myself as, so it usually turns into, “Hi I’m Michelle...(puzzled look)...or  maybe you know me as Miesh?"