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Styled Wedding Shoot

I remember the exact moment I felt the rush of realizing that an image could really be worth 1000 words. I was walking along the dirty streets in China in 2009. While we walked, we passed an old man sitting perfectly framed in a window beside an busted up motorcycle. It doesn't sound like much, But seeing that image afterward excited me. What I was feeling and seeing those 6 months abroad, was being translated into a single frame. So, after that moment each day, armed with my humble point and shoot camera, it was my goal to tell stories without words. And that has still been my goal, I just try to achieve that now with much better equipment. It wasn't until 2012 that my sweet husband encouraged me to jump into the business. 5 years later here we are. 

In 5 years I hope to see myself still being inspired. Teaching and mentoring other creatives, and evolving my business and art into something that still excites me and inspires me to continue telling stories. In 5 years I hope to encourage my children to appreciate and express themselves in ways that speak to their soul, and broaden their minds.

Deep meaningful connections, good belly laughs, and eye contact. I love getting down to the core of people, authentic, honest to goodness conversations. I love the kind of talks you walk away from and your a little exhausted and a lot exhilarated. The kind of talks that help you feel more faith in humanity because you feel connected to someone else even if you don't happen to fully agree on everything. Small talk is almost painful to me. I feel like this world is missing so much honesty, and that people, every single person, has a natural beauty that just shines when they are authentic to themselves. 

My husband likes to introduce me to strangers as Reba. He thinks it's hilarious, I think otherwise. I think that's why he finds it so funny. Other than that, my husband has ever really called me Babe. Hearing him say my real name is incredibly weird.