Native Shoots and Boosts

Your Photo Native experience should be just that - yours. While the two days of classes are designed to deeply educate and inspire, the Native Shoots and Boosts are here to customize and enhance your experience based on your specific area of focus in your photography and business. This is the best of both worlds - a rad conference, and an intimate hands-on workshop.

All Native Shoots and Native Boosts will be Monday, February 11th 2019 and are $200 each.



SOLD OUT Adrienne Raquel - CREATIVE COLOR THEORY SHOOT at The Saguaro Hotel 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Join Adrienne Raquel and up to 11 other photographers for an epic shoot-and-learn experience like never before at the famous Saguaro Hotel. The mood for this shoot revolves around one key concept: COLOR! You will gain a stronger understanding of color theory, color psychology, and, most importantly, insight on how to utilize various color, creative visual effects, and graphic elements to create strong compositions within your own photography. You will also be encouraged to play with and photograph a diverse range of subjects. From capturing portraits of one another, the architectural details of the hotel, to objects, plant life, and self-portraits, you’ll be immersed in a highly interactive experience in which collaboration with others is key.

If you’re looking for a truly unique shoot that will knock your creative socks right off and breathe bold, vibrant, and fun colorful vibes into your work- even if just for a few hours- you won’t want to miss this opportunity!


SOLD OUT Brooke Johnson - “SUMMER OF LOVE” COUPLES SHOOT at The Ace Hotel and surrounding area 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Join Brooke Johnson and up to 11 other photographers for this intimate and raw shoot-and-learn experience at The Ace Hotel and surrounding area. Brooke is a master storyteller and expert at working with her couples to truly capture their unique essence and experience. The mood for this shoot will be a fresh throwback to the 60’s: Elvis meets flower power hippie love (with a couple of german shepherds thrown into the mix for good measure.) You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to create authentic connection and strong, emotion-based images while you’re first taught by Brooke and then able to watch her work with the couple as well. You’ll also have a chance to work your own magic behind the camera and implement all you’ve learned with Brooke there to guide and offer feedback in the moment.  

If you’re looking for a shoot that’s stripped down, simple but overflowing with powerful new knowledge, skills, and, of course, killer vibes- this shoot is for you.


SOLD OUT Clare Barker Wells - IN-HOME FAMILY SHOOT at Desert Vintage Styled Home in Palm Springs 9:00am - 1:00pm

Join Clare (coming all the way from Singapore!) and up to 11 other attendees for this incredible in-home shoot-and-learn experience with a beautiful Palm Springs local family. In this shoot, Clare will share exactly how she creates magic as she works with families. You’ll be able to watch her direct, lead, and sometimes gently coerce the family into the stunning, honest, and authentic-looking moments that every client wants on their walls. Discover how to prepare both yourself and your clients for a session, how to coach families into beautiful moments that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and how to create flattering, emotion-filled shots every single time. Once you’ve been able to both learn from and observe Clare work, you’ll get to capture your own stunning images with Clare offering feedback and guidance in the moment.

If you’re looking for a in-home family shoot that will not only be styled gorgeously but will also leave you with an entire toolbox bursting with concrete and practical takeaways and skills to implement into your own work and process, this shoot will not disappoint!


Emily Mitchell - IN-HOME FAMILY VIDEO & STILLS SHOOT at Modern Joshua Tree Oasis 9:00am - 1:00pm

Join Emily Mitchell and up to 11 other photographers for this amazing shoot-and-learn experience focusing on video commercial work with kids. This shoot will revolve around three main elements: a young family, fun and playful interactions, and a setting that is curated and styled to complement the clothing and overall aesthetic. The shoot will feel like a documentary session with some open-ended direction with the outcome resembling a relaxed catalog shoot with heartfelt emotion. You will learn how to make a video that is not only beautifully and professionally shot but also that can be used as an effective marketing tool and how visual elements contribute to self-selecting markets. Discover how Emily uses available light to her advantage, captures a wide variety of shots and details, as well as how to utilize audio tools.

If you’re looking to push yourself to either learn video or hone the skills you already have, you won’t want to miss this chance to learn from and work with Emily.



SOLD OUT Haley Nord - DUSKY DESERT STYLED WEDDING SHOOT at Joshua Tree 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Join Haley and up to 11 other photographers for this gorgeous, intimate shoot-and-learn experience like no other. Haley is a master at drawing inspiration from and effectively utilizing elements of the location’s natural surroundings to weave a compelling and rich story throughout her images. Learn how she works with her couples to capture a wide variety of stunning shots. You’ll even be able to shoot as it gets darker and darker outside and experiment with late/twilight shots, burning sage/candles, and flash.

If you’re feeling like you’re ready to push yourself outside the “safe/easy light” zone and start working with different unique light sources to help tell a more intriguing and well-rounded story, all within an epic location and setting with insanely rad styling, this shoot is about to make all your dreams come true.


SOLD OUT Heather Nan - POOLSIDE FASHION SHOOT at the Ace Commune and Pool area 9:00am - 1: 00pm & 2:00 - 6:00 Afternoon shoot sponsored by Richard Photo Lab

Join Heather and up to 11 other attendees for what will be an unforgettable shoot-an-learn experience styled by the amazing, Benjamin Holtrop. Have you ever had a killer idea for a shoot but been unsure of how to get your “Big Magic” out there before it’s gone? In this shoot, you will learn how to foster a creative idea from it’s conception, expand and mold it into a solid concept, and successfully execute your vision with an all-star team of stylists, models, MUAH, and vendors. Discover how to communicate clearly and consistently with your team through mood boards and call sheets, work effectively with model agencies and stylists, educate yourself on fashion to strengthen your vision, and build lasting relationships with brands. Once you have the chance to learn from Heather and observe her work, you’ll be able to create stunning images for yourself with Heather offering guidance, feedback, and answering your questions in the moment.

If you’re ready to start shooting creative work that lights your heart on fire while also bringing home the bacon, capture images styled by Benjamin (big deal) Holtrop, all while learning how to shoot either film or digital in full sun like a boss, don’t miss this shoot!


SOLD OUT Jayme Ford - FAMILY SHOOT at Joshua Tree 2:00pm - 6:00 pm Sponsored by Style & Select

Join Jayme and up to 11 other attendees for a stunning and intimate shoot-and-learn experience with a family in Joshua Tree. Learn how to capture genuine connections in a creative and artistic way during the chaos and unpredictability of a family session. Discover Jayme’s best tips and tricks for consistently making images that evoke feelings of love and connection including various, specific prompts she uses in her sessions, and how she employs pre-session consults to both gather information and set up expectations for her unposed shooting style. Once you’ve had a chance to both learn from and observe Jayme shoot, you’ll be able to put into action everything you’ve been taught and work your own magic behind the camera with an insanely cool family in an epic location (Joshua Tree!)

If you’re wanting to up your family photography game and walk away with not only effective and practical tools but also create images that will make your heart sing, you’re going to love this shoot.


SOLD OUT Savan Phann - STYLED FILM WEDDING SHOOT at The Inn at the Ruin in Joshua Tree 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sponsored by Richard Photo Lab

Join Savan and up to 11 other photographers for a stunning and intimate shoot-and-learn experience in Joshua Tree. In this shoot, you will learn from Belle Lumiere’s “Film Photographer of the Year” how to master shooting in direct sunlight with film. Discover how Savan works with couples, captures styled wedding details, and utilizes all kinds of light to her advantage. You’ll not only get to learn some of Savan’s best tips and tricks but also have the chance to watch her shoot after which, you’ll be able to work your own magic behind the camera and capture once in a lifetime images in a jaw-dropping setting and venue.

If you’re wanting to finally master all types of light on film and have a really good excuse to experience (and shoot!) Joshua Tree for yourself, this shoot will be everything you hope for (and more!)


SOLD OUT Twyla Jones - MOTHER & CHILD SHOOT at Indian Canyons 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Join Twyla and up to 11 other photographers for this gorgeous and intimate shoot-and-learn experience in Indian Canyons. In this shoot, you will learn to embrace the beauty of harsh light as Twyla demonstrates the specific shooting techniques she uses to capture dramatic and emotive images in direct sunlight. Discover the best camera settings to enable you to move quickly and focus even faster so you don’t miss a moment and increase your “keeper” rate by maintaining solid focus in your shots. You will also explore capturing authentic moments of children at play and creating emotional connections with their mother. Once your learn from and observe Twyla shoot, you’ll be able to work your own magic behind the camera to practice all you’ve learned with Twyla offering feedback and answering questions in the moment.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your technical skills, infuse your work with more emotion and connection, and learn how to shoot in harsh light like a boss.


SOLD OUT Wendy Laurel - TEENS, STOCK, & RAINBOWS SHOOT at the Saguaro Hotel 7:00am - 11:00 am
Sponsored by Kodak Professional

Join Wendy and up to 11 other attendees for an intimate and fun shoot-and-learn experience at the amazing Saguaro Hotel. During this shoot, you will learn Wendy’s best secrets for working with clients to create the kind of vibrant, emotion-filled, and unforgettable images Wendy is known for. Discover how to work with the model’s natural movements to pose organically and effectively as well as how Wendy plays with color to tell a compelling story including the specific techniques she employs to enhance the colors in her final images- including the use of flare, double exposures, and other experimental techniques. You will also learn how to capture strong images for use as stock photography. This is a rare opportunity to be taught in-person by Wendy as well as have the opportunity to observe her work and then shoot for yourself with Wendy there to offer feedback and guidance in the moment.

If you’re looking to hone your posing techniques, learn more about stock photography and creative technicals, all while having a blast shooting in a color magic land with the master of rainbows herself, this shoot is for you.


From Portrait to Print: A Complete Process - Business Boost at the Ace Hotel with Justin Hackworth 9:00 - 1:00

This Creative Boost is really three info-packed classes in one, combined together to give you a comprehensive, close-up look at improving your craft and your business. Justin will cover how to make authentic portraits, how to use Lightroom for editing and file management, and how to make fine art prints. These four hours will be packed with valuable, usable information you can begin implementing right away. Justin will walk you through his exact process. You’ll leave this class inspired, with a complete system from portrait session to finished print.

What you’ll learn: 

Justin will demonstrate his shooting process with both natural light and strobe and the reasons to choose one over the other. You’ll see how easy it is to add lights and how they can expand the range of what you can do as a photographer. Learn the two most important elements to every portrait and watch Justin’s approach to putting people at ease, ensuring you get fun, relaxed, natural and authentic portraits every time.

Lightroom isn’t just a way to edit your images, it’s also a powerful database. Even if you’re a film photographer, using Lightroom makes tons of sense. Learn a bulletproof system for cataloging your images, creating order for the thousands of images you make, and implementing backup systems that are easy and seamless. Additionally, Lightroom makes printing a snap.

Fine Art Printing
If you’ve ever wondered why creating your own prints makes sense, Justin has the answers. Printing your own images adds an additional revenue stream and also helps set you apart from other photographers. If you think your clients don’t want printed images and only want digital files, Justin will also teach you how to market this new, value-added product offering. 

Justin will show you his process for creating fine art, heirloom quality prints, including the printers he uses and recommends. He will also cover how to select a paper stock from the dizzying array of options.


The 24-Carat Plan for your Brand - Business Boost at the Ace Hotel with Erika Delgado 2:00 -6:00

This incredible Business Boost is a 4-Part System to identify your brand, dream clients, book them, and drive profits. 
Just 5 years ago, Erika was a self-described mediocre wedding photographer with no brand identity, longing to shoot gorgeous weddings, work with luxury wedding planners, and make more of a profit. With advice from successful business owners and getting to work, she figured out how to do just that and will be sharing her own, personal business blueprint, in this 4-hour intensive workshop, to catapult your brand. You will leave Erika’s Business Boost empowered and equipped to build the brand of your dreams, to work for the clients of your dreams, and make a living doing it! Start combatting your fears of not knowing how to genuinely sell yourself, dig deep, and take that leap toward everything you want for your business and your life. From brand identification and strategic portfolio building to creating an effective marketing plan and successful implementation and analysis, this Business Boost will give you tools, clarity, and a solid direction towards your own definition of photography business success.

What you’ll learn: 

1. WHO
a. An “ Ideal client profile” listing specific qualities and demographics such as age, style, geographic locations, passions, etc. 
b. A “Service profile” for these clients and discover what we want to provide them: packages, experience and products. 
c. A shiny and unique “About me” that you are confident in sharing

2. HOW
a. How to build a Portfolio + Brand that reflects the Style of couple and “Ideal Client Profile” that you want to attract. 
b. How to make a Target Action Plan that will catapult your Portfolio + Brand 
c. Creating Your marketing plan – connecting, following up, leveraging your contact list and social platforms.

a. Your Photos / Product 
b.The Experience you offer 
c. Connecting with clients and wedding planners

a.Track and assess your process
b.Moving forward in your strategy + increase profits