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Here's the thing.  I always liked taking pictures (like most photographers).  And one year for my birthday I had begged and begged my hubs for a DSLR camera so I could "take good pictures."  Well having the man I do, he delivered of course.  I had no intentions of creating a business with this new toy, but I eagerly jumped on the Photo 101 course at my current college to learn the basics.  After going to school for 4 years total, I still had NO degree and NO direction with where I wanted to go with it, and on top of that, I literally could not pass math.  Time after time.  It's just like a foreign language for me no matter how much I worked and tried.  I eventually dropped out of college with "nothing to show for it" and it was a big low for me.  Fast forward to now.  Wow.  That one little photo 101 class.  It was worth all 4 years of work.  That one class led me here.  To a career that I LOVE.  That I never expected, never dreamed of and never take for granted.  Don't be too hard on those "failures" guys.  They might just be leading you to your dreams.

I will be 37.  My babies aren't babies anymore and I miss their squishy baby faces every day. But I'm happy. My babies are kids now and kids are cool. They figure things out, they start finding who they are and become awesome humans and I'm just loving watching them do it. I'm teaching a lot and still loving that camera in my hands and loving watching images transform on my computer. I probably have studios all over the country and I'm traveling a bit more with my husband. We are seeing new places and I'm photographing it all. Did I mention I'm happy?

Renovate an old home. No not all home renovations are nightmares, but a lot of them are, and mine WAS. Am I sorry we did it? Kinda yes kinda no. I mean, knowledge and learning experiences are valuable. I realize that more and more every day. But man the stress and money I could have saved are pretty hard to ignore. Live and learn and then live better next time.

Lightbulb moments and Big Magic. Let me clarify, I live for watching other people have their lightbulb moments when I'm teaching. Seeing their eyes get all big when they realize something game changing. When they realize THEY can do something they didn't think they could. That's good stuff.  And then for me, for me it's when Big Magic hits. And for me that's when things are crazy and chaotic and I'm stressed and worried and I'm able to push through it and then BAM. Magic. Something magic happens, the light is incredible, the family is having so much fun and I'm capturing it, and amazing memory is being made and I'm preserving it, and holy moly I get it. The magic is always worth the crazy that precedes it.